Muscial Instruments Repairs and Servicing

We are specialized in repairing musical instruments

Music House provides you with a comprehensive musical instrument repair service. Our technicians are skilled in repairing all types of instruments such as Guitars, Lyra, Violin, Tabla & Harmonium in Bangalore. We aim to provide you with a reliable service with the best quality and value for money.


Guitar Servicing

We provide wide range of servicing and repairs for drums, guitars, basses and many more musical instruments. We have servicing staff who are well versed to handle different form of repairs such as Acoustic Guitar setup, Electric Guitar Setup, Guitar Electronics, Drums repair in Bangalore, Bass Setup, physical adjustments, electronics wiring and handyman jobs such as drilling and humbucker routing etc.

  • Restringing
  • Bridge & Saddle Setting
  • Frett Board Straightening
  • Fixing FRETT
  • FRETT Wash
  • Body Fixing
  • Broken necks or headstocks
  • Shielding
  • Neck resets
  • Refinishing
  • Customising

Violin Servicing

  • Violin Restoration
  • Installation of new Sound post
  • Violin Bridge Setting
  • Violin Repairs
  • Violin Restringing
  • Installation of new strings in set
  • Installation of new pegs in set
  • Installation of new bridge
  • Installation of Endpin
  • Installation of Nut / Saddle
  • Installation of new Bass bar
  • Sound post Reset
  • Lower bridge / Nut Adjustment
  • Cleaning / Polishing of Instruments
  • Tonal Adjustment / General Maintenance
  • Planning of Fingerboard
  • Regluing Fingerboard
  • Neck Corrections
  • Bushing of worn peg box hole
  • Colouring and Retouching of Varnish


Veena Servicing

  • Veena Restringing
  • Veena Polishing
  • Veena Tuning
  • Veena Mela making
  • Veena Breakage Restoration
  • Veena Bowl (Koda/Kodum)


Sitar Servicing

  • Sitar Restringing
  • Sitar loose Peg Repair
  • Sitar strings Replacement
  • Sitar loose Fret fixing
  • Complete Setup of Sitar
  • Sitar broken peg Replacement
  • Parda Restoration

Harmonium Servicing

  • Harmonium Repiar
  • Restoration and Setup
  • Tuning
  • Bellows Rebuild
  • Outer case Restoration
  • Air Fitting

Tabla Servicing

  • Tabla repair
  • Tuning
  • Bar Tightening
  • Bar Fitting
  • CAP(puri) Fitting
  • Karane Making


Keyboard Servicing

  • Changing a Broken Key
  • USB faults
  • Internal Battery Replacement
  • Speaker faults
  • LCD Broken or cracked
  • Missing buttons
  • Dealing with Contact problems

CALL US: Jayanagar- 7829004345, HSR Layout- 7829004345, Brigade Road - 7829004123

CALL US: Jayanagar- 7829004345,
HSR Layout- 7829004345,
Brigade Road - 7829004123